STEM and Dance go together? How?!

STEM and Dance go together? How?!

Dance teaches girls that their body is a powerful tool, and that through hard work, creativity, and persistence they can achieve more than they ever thought possible. More tangibly, dance choreography teaches them how to synthesize, experiment, evaluate,  and implement. And these 21st century skills are essential for employment in the American economy. Not convinced yet? Here are a few more advantages:
  • “When solving mathematical problems, students who report a high level of self-efficacy will likely expend greater effort, attention, and perseverance, especially when problems are difficult” (Journal for Educational Research, 2004). Dance builds confidence and positive self-concepts, pushing students who may feel marginalized in a classroom to take more risks.
  • Modern technology places abstract representations front and center. Both dance and STEM education inherently emphasize and cultivate symbolic interpretation and manipulation.
  • Motivation and enjoyment are crucial – the dance component also serves as a fun motivator, while the academic component sets a rigorous standard of excellence.
As we look into the landscape of all the possible ways for students to achieve success, we consistently find that careers in STEM fields provide financial stability as well as an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to society. Our hope is to provide under-represented girlswith the opportunity to experience a dance and STEM education together, so that they can see the power of their minds and bodies, and ultimately, build the confidence and skill set required to be successful in college and in life.
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