STEM from Dance Launches Its First Indiegogo Campaign!!!

STEM from Dance Launches Its First Indiegogo Campaign!!!
STEM from Dance is excited to announce that we have officially begun our campaign to fund our Pilot program that will start at the WATCH school in Brooklyn, NY this September!!!
We are running the campaign until August 31st in the hopes of raising $4000!! You can help us to fund our pilot program and positively impact the lives of teen girls at the WATCH school in Brooklyn by donating today! Even $5.00 goes a long way towards helping us to reach our goal, so we will gladly accept any donation!
You can visit the campaign page for more information, but here are the basic details of our campaign:


How will we use the money? 

  • $500 pilot program covering costs for study supplies, refreshments, background screening, dance mirrors
  • $3500 full program covering costs for all of the above for more students plus dance instructor, math/science coach, projector, liability insurance


What does it look like? see more details here

Monday – Thursday

  • 1.5 hours Math/Science Lab
  • 1.5 hours Dance Studio


  • STEM Day

What will the impact be? In the short term, students will become proficient in math/science courses, gain bold enthusiasm for STEM, and have increased confidence in the ability to excel in STEM. In the long term, SFD will produce a generation of young women of color who pursue STEM undergraduate degrees. Visit our blog at learn more, and this page in particular to hear about our combination of dance and STEM.


When will it begin? We are launching a pilot on September 4 (the first day of school in NYC), which is why we need to meet our goal by 8/31/2012!


Where is it taking place? We are starting in Brooklyn, but in the long-term we hope to expand across the country. ***SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We are proud to annouce that WATCH High School has emphatically signed on to host our pilot program. Shout out to the principal of WATCH, Kim Wanliss, for her magnanimous support of our mission!


Why is our project worth your hard-earned dollars? How about this – we’ll give you many reasons why, released throughout the duration of the campaign on the COMMENTS tab of the Indiegogo campagin page. Stay tuned!


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