Pilot Update: 12/8

Pilot Update: 12/8
Hello everyone!
I wanted to write a quick update about the pilot. It’s still going strong!  And I’ll share a few highlights:
• Mirrors have been installed! We have curtains covering them while other classes use the room. A tremendous shout out to Leslie, Marcel, and Florence for their help in making this happen!
• We have been testing several ideas for the program structure and balance between STUDY LAB and DANCE STUDIO. Here’s an example of a day’s schedule where we implemented an even distribution between the two:CIMG9824CIMG9827
• Here’s one of our favorite math activities, “Make It To The Top”. Students move at their own pace towards the upper, more challenging levels of the pyramid. This was in preparation for a unit exam in their mainstream Algebra class.
Overall, the pilot is moving at a great pace. We are currently working with 8 girls and are working towards academic goals surrounding their 1st semester marks and also towards a capstone performance at the end of January (stay posted for more info!). Pictures of the SFD girls are soon to come (pending photo release forms from parents/guardians). Thank you for reading and stay tuned!