Fall Update

Fall Update
SFD Summer program 2

Summer cohort using dance to demonstrate COURAGE

SFD STEM image

SFD girl troubleshooting her solar car with STEM coaches

Autumn is in the air!  As we await all the falling leaves, let’s take a minute and look back at the bushels of fun we’ve had at STEM From Dance with the girls this summer.  We are delighted to share our highlights from the past few months:
Summer Program at Achievement First
It was such an honor to work with students at Achievement First Brooklyn High School.  The amazing creativity and hard work of the girls became proof that they can accomplish more than they ever thought possible.  In just a matter of two weeks, they created their own choreography and prototypes of new engineering inventions. When asked what word they would use to describe their SFD experience, “FUN” took the lead. We were so inspired to see them ENJOY the process of being engineers of movement and everyday objects. Watch a quick video of our students reminding all of us that there is nothing we can’t do!
Here’s a look at our summer program from the perspective of one our dance coaches, Lauren:
The STEM From Dance Summer Program was a huge success! The girls performed with confidence and poise at the showcase on the final day.  Their friends and family were all there, dancing along and smiling proudly in support of these young women.  It was truly inspiring!
Even though some girls had butterflies, after all their focused hard work in STEM Lab and dedicated practice in Dance Lab, the performance was a breeze! As a volunteer dance coach, I couldn’t help but get emotional when they were shining brightly on the stage. It was amazing that in the span of just two weeks they had accomplished so much! In Dance Lab, using our themes of Individuality, Power, Courage, and Teamwork, they created a song overlaid with recordings of their voices and then choreographed their own expressive movements to go with it. Still keeping the themes in mind, for STEM Lab they designed a product, constructed a prototype, and developed a marketing strategy for it.
It was apparent that STEM From Dance had a large impact on how these girls thought about themselves both as individuals and together as a team. In the midst of exciting and differing ideas, they were able to encourage and support each other throughout the similar creative processes of choreography and of product design. This interdisciplinary approach to empowerment proved to be highly influential to all involved, even the coaches! I felt blessed to be a part of this motivational journey with the girls, relating to each other and setting our hopes and dreams within reach.
We send a big thank you Achievement First for their partnership on this amazing summer experience!
Thank you WellMet Group
We are happy to announce that STEM From Dance has received support from The WellMet Group.  The WellMet Group is a collection of women who are committed to strengthening the New York community through targeted grantmaking to qualifying programs that assist New Yorkers in the five boroughs. They give utmost importance to visiting and vetting every organization before grant approval.  Their support of early-stage ventures is incredibly encouraging; we are so grateful for them believing in us and honored to have their backing!
What’s Next for STEM From Dance?
Our plan is to fall in to action this autumn with 60 girls across New York City’s schools and community centers.  That is twice as many students as last year!  We’re so excited as we look forward to our next term.  Thank you for your continued engagement in our work at STEM From Dance.  Please stay tuned for our next update!