Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall: Fall 2016 Update

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall: Fall 2016 Update



At STEM From Dance, we had our best and busiest summer yet. Read our students’ reflection on their experience:

“For the first time in basically all of my life, I felt as though I was actually able to pursue a career in the STEM field. Learning how to create music gave me an extra boost and taught me that anyone can code if they put in both time and effort…Your program taught me that being a young black girl shouldn’t stop me from taking risks and pushing myself past my limit. Thank you for opening my eyes to a world beyond dancing. I’m now looking out for ways to expand myself and become a better me.” – Brianna

“I learned a lot about computer science and building confidence, and to never give up on something difficult. These skills are still helping me grow as a person and helping me see what I can be in the future.” – NaDaijah

“You taught all the young women who came to this program to be a sisterhood and that is what we still are today.” – Nilene

Achievement First Brooklyn High School
The girls at AF worked on a new project – programming wearable technology to light up their costumes in accordance with their choreography. This resulted in amazingly unique, tech-infused dances. They also discussed themes of individuality, self-love, and life as women in STEM.

Goodwill at I.S. 145
In addition to learning our ensemble routine, the girls created a special dance where they collaboratively coded moving images that were projected to serve as a backdrop to their original choreography.

Harlem Grown
We were excited to bring our program for the first time to Harlem Grown, a community organization that inspires youth to live healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition. The girls from their summer camp created original songs using their new coding knowledge and choreographed one-of-a-kind routines to their songs.

Lastly, we would like to give a special shout out to our incredible instructors Stacie, Emma, and Jose, and our valiant volunteers, Arielle and Felice, who made our programs a tremendous success.

STEM From Dance’s founder and CEO, Yamilée Toussaint, was recently featured on NYC Catalyst, an organization that spotlights individuals who are making a positive impact on the lives of their fellow New Yorkers. Check it out!

Through a partnership with the Brooklyn Ballet, we are pleased to announce that six of our SFD students have been selected as paid interns for the Brooklyn Ballet’s Brooklyn Nutcracker. Our girls will help create and code the ballerinas’ tech-infused costumes, which uses the same technology they learned over the summer. Stay tuned for updates about this awesome experience!

Hello, Young Women’s Leadership School of Brooklyn!
STEM From Dance is excited to announce our new partnership with the Young Women’s Leadership School in Brooklyn. We are grateful for the opportunity to support their girls and cannot wait to see what these girls have to bring to the SFD community!
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