School’s Out! Summer 2017 Update

School’s Out! Summer 2017 Update





School is officially out! We have had a stupendous year, but don’t just take our word for it. Read and see for yourself.

“I was always told that I should be a part of a STEM program because I was very good at chemistry, biology, and physics. I never had the confidence in actually taking part in a program in the STEM field. However, hearing the instructors life stories and how they combined STEM with dance motivated me to find interest in any STEM field and thought me that I can do both and prosper even more.” – Vieana


Three SFD students from the Brooklyn Institute of Liberal Arts showed off their hard work by participating in Emoti-Con, the premier showcase of digital media and technology projects designed by youth for the betterment of the world. Over 150 New York City youth from programs throughout the five boroughs competed, and our girls earned one of six titles, Most Entertaining. Congratulations, ladies – your futures are looking bright!


Seasoned educator. Strong detail orientation. Excellent project and people management skills. Background in STEM and/or dance. Passionate for using STEM to empower others.
We are hiring a Program Director to boldly lead the development of programmatic activities to enable STEM From Dance to reach our ambitious goal of seeing girls of color enter STEM college programs. Responsibilities include managing and developing our instructors, enhancing and expanding our curriculum, and creating new modules of our program. Are you a good fit or know someone who is? Find more info and apply here.


STEM From Dance was featured on’s homepage for a day!
Click here to read a recent article about STEM From Dance.



Last month, 100+ supporters came together to support STEM From Dance and experience first-hand the work we do with girls in NYC. Guests board recently put on an amazing fundraising event where guests were brought into the SFD experience through dance and coding stations and student performances. We would like to thank the SFD board for planning the event and all of our sponsors, guests, and donors who made this night possible. Special thanks to our leading sponsor RISKGEN, who provides next-generation IT cyber risk assessment and cybersecurity consulting.



Out of more than 70 organizations, STEM From Dance has been selected by the Catalog for Giving as one of fifteen youth-serving organizations for it’s Eighth Cohort. The Catalog provides substantial funding for 3 years and also helps to increase our capacity to serve NYC youth. Thank you, Catalog, for supporting our growth over the next few years!

A press release from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and New York University’s Tisch School announces that they, along with 19 organizations including STEM From Dance, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and the New York Public Library, are part of an unprecedented $6 million program launched by the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust to explore how arts-based organizations can serve as positive, relevant, and inspiring forces in the daily lives of diverse communities. Read more here.


We are extremely grateful for our new partnership with and support from the McCottry Foundation, a 501(c)(3) private think tank that provides grants to nonprofits who are devoted to making lasting impacts in their communities.


We send appreciation to John Buchanan, a winner of the Brian Hey Prize from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the United Kingdom, for donating a portion of his award money to SFD.


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