Meet Sokona

About SFD
bySTEM From Dance
onJune 8, 2023

You have to meet Sokona.

She’s a 2023 college graduate, Data Analyst, and STEM From Dance alum. When we met her seven years ago, a STEM career was the furthest thing from her mind. “I did not want to go into coding at all,” Sokona explains.

But that was before Sokona participated in our summer program. With the support of her peers, she learned to code LED light suits to compliment her original choreography. Incredible, right?

The experience changed the trajectory of Sokona’s future. It allowed her to take up space in the STEM fields.

“Oftentimes, we don’t see in the classroom how we can apply STEM to our daily lives and into our careers. STEM From Dance was the beginning of that for me... it’s why I’m in the field that I’m in today and why I love coding!”

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