Are You A Troublemaker?

bySTEM From Dance
onMarch 31, 2023

Have you heard? Well behaved women rarely make history.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve partnered with TroubleMakers, an organization that believes women who cause trouble change the world. We are celebrating the amazing things that can happen when women come together and cause some trouble for good.

STEM From Dance is made up of troublemakers. Our community causes trouble by teaching girls to think outside of the box. We give girls of color the tools they need to dream big and succeed in STEM, a field where they have historically been told they do not belong. We are not waiting for others to come up with solutions, and we do not take no for an answer. Our community is fierce, and we will not stop until the STEM workforce looks just as diverse as our population. Click the video below, and see how Yamilee, our Founder & CEO, is causing trouble.

Full TroubleMaker interview with Yamilee Toussaint Beach

Cause some good trouble with us. TroubleMakers exists to accelerate the process of equity by creating a new kind of brand, one that inspires women, supports women, funds women’s causes, and recognizes the barriers caused by intersectionality. They sell products designed to inspire and honor those who challenge the status quo and proudly support individuals who strive for change.

You can now buy the troublemaker in your life or yourself unique, unapologetic products from the TroubleMaker’s website and support girls in STEM at the same time. You can get anything from the key to good trouble to the troublemaker rallying cry. Here’s how:

  1. Visit Trouble’s website using the button below.

  2. Purchase a gift for your favorite troublemaker or yourself.

  3. Enter our code STEM From Dance in the "Is this a gift" box to let TroubleMakers know you want to support girls in STEM.

  4. 25% of the proceeds from your purchase will go to STEM From Dance

  5. To inspire others to join you, take a picture with your TroubleMaker gear, tag @stemfromdance, and post it on social media.

This campaign will run through 4/18. Happy troublemaking!

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