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The journey is designed to start with our short Catalyze programs that give girls a sense of the experience. From there, they progress to our longer Immerse programs, where they can be involved in for years. Lastly, our Launch program is for STEM From Dance participants who have graduated from high school.

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Case Study


When Kayla heard about STEM From Dance, she was a bit skeptical: she had the dance part down, but what if the STEM aspect was too challenging? “Sometimes I would doubt that I could balance the STEM and the dance or even possibly do the two together.” After completing a summer of STEM From Dance in 2020, she no longer felt intimidated by STEM and felt like she had found a new sisterhood. Kayla has been a part of our programs ever since and says, “I've learned when coming to this program, you have the help and the resources you need. So you're able to do a lot more than you think you can."


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