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We serve students and their families and partner with visionary educators, school leaders, and community organizations to create unforgettable STEM + Dance experiences.

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Start with dance. Mix in tech. Stir in the creativity that instills the confidence and skills to get on the track to STEM careers.

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We invite schools and community organizations across the US to partner with us to offer our engaging and culturally responsive programs that give girls of color the confidence to think big.


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Stay connected to STEM from Dance for mentorship, college admission prep, internships, job opportunities, and more.

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Bring your teaching talents to the stage and studio and light a path that girls of color can follow to rewarding STEM careers.

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Learn how to lead your students to experiences that help them be confident, curious, and inspired.

Case Study


Maria, a sixteen year-old rising high school junior in New York City, discovered her dream of becoming a math teacher during Girls Rise Up. After spending the summer studying the respiratory system and practicing news styles of dance, she shared “The program changed me in so many ways. It made me such a better person with a better mindset. It also showed me that you don’t have to be a professional dancer or professional researcher, but if you’re passionate and you express yourself and your feelings, you can do anything.”


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